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About our credentials at Max Muscle

Our Accreditation and Experience

Max Muscle Nutrition Carefree's owners are accredited by the ISSN (The International Society of Sports Nutrition). The ISSN hosts annual conferences for its members, and its speakers are experts in the fields of Science, Sport, and Nutrition and are also ISSN members. Maintaining the credential requires attending conferences biannually to maintain our membership. Many members have Ph.D.'s in Science, Nutrition, Exercise, Diet, Physiology, and related fields and give presentations at these conferences. Many Max Muscle supplements were formulated by Dr. Phil Harvey a resident fellow at the ISSN.


Many well-known college athletic programs and professional teams have ISSN professionals in charge of developing and implementing nutritional programs for their athletes. At Max Muscle we are familiar with ISSN professionals working with professional and amateur MMA fighters, Tour de France cycling teams, firefighters, nursing homes, and police departments across the globe.


Both owners at Max Muscle have been ISSN members since 2013 and have worked in the health and fitness industry since 2005. They have given health and wellness presentations to various groups and organizations, including the Arizona Department of Fish and Game. About 150 deputies at the Arizona Department of Fish and Game attended our presentation. Subsequently 75 deputies received individualize nutrition plans including lean muscle mass and bodyfat weight reports. While promoting the benefit of Max Muscle we have provided presentations for Tempe and Phoenix Police, Daisy Mountain Fire Department, local churches, and high school football teams.


One of their clients set powerlifting records at Boulder Creek High School and garnered conference and state recognition in football.

Max Muscle Carefree's planning and products are science-based. Anyone looking to lose weight, tone up, or improve their blood pressure or cholesterol levels, or looking to accelerate their current exercise or diet program or any other health or fitness goal should contact us. 

MM Nutrition Carefree offers exclusive Max Muscle Supplements and Vitamins. Product can be purchased at location, online at, or via text, phone or email. Free in-state shipping (excluding our weight gainer product). Nutritional services designed to help people meet their individual health and fitness goals.


                 Max Muscle - Great Supplements - Great Results !

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