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  Max Muscle Carefree
Inbody Testing

At Max Muscle we know the amount of muscle and fat your body has should determine how you exercise and eat and isn't discoverable using scales or other low tech measuring devices.


Our Inbody composition testing technology at Max Muscle is non invasive and produces a scientific report illustrating the pounds of muscle and fat you have. Further it reveals the amount of excess fat and or lack of muscle your body has in pounds.  Testing monthly can help you measure the effectiveness of your current diet, wellness or training program.


At Max Muscle our full nutritional package targets your daily macronutrient intake based on your Inbody report. Our package measures bi-weekly changes in your fat and muscle levels and based on our expertise and training we adjust your daily macronutrient intake accordingly. We want you to loose fat not muscle. This approach is the most efficient way to reach your health or fitness goals and results in fat loss while preserving your lean muscle. Visit us at Max Muscle now and visit with one of our CISSN qualified experts to arrange for your Inbody composition analysis and report.


We charge $75 for the report. The full package is $225 and includes two products plus, an additional InBody test and easy to follow turnkey nutritional plan.


              Max Muscle 

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