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Max Muscle Carefree


Helping you pursue your fitness goals

We at Max Muscle know the successful pursuit of any health or fitness goal requires determining the following about your body:

1.The total pounds of muscle you have

2. The total pounds of fat you have

3. The total pounds of excess fat you have


Muscle: Your Most Precious Asset:

At Max Muscle the most precious asset your body has is Muscle. Muscle growth, and maintenance significantly improve long-term health, mortality, and mobility. Individuals with healthy muscle levels are at much lower risk for heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and cancer. Preventing muscle loss as we age helps avoid impaired mobility leading to nursing home confinements, or expensive in-home care. Any workout or diet plan should monitor your lean muscle mass to insure long term success. Our Nutritional Services at Max Muscle provide that base. 

Excess body fat is bad. Your body requires a certain amount of fat to survive and promote bodily functions. Eating too little fat actually leads to additional body fat. Most individuals with excess body fat are or will suffer health issues. At Max Muscle we determine the amount of excess fat you have. 


At Max Muscle we have helped many individuals that have tried  or purchased some diet they saw on the internet, or on TV or that they heard about at work that didn't work. Many try diets with prepackaged food and the like. These types of individuals typically increase their daily activity levels and reduce their daily caloric intake. During the first thirty days following these plans they usually experience gains in strength, stamina, or energy, as well as overall weight loss. However this weight loss includes muscle loss even though they may feel stronger. At Max Muscle our nutritional plans promote muscle retention and gain while losing weight. 


Most individuals looking to reduce their weight set an arbitrary goal with little regard for what is happening beneath their skin. If you weigh 200lbs. and have excess body fat of 20 lbs. your goal should 180lbs. Not 160, 170, or some other nice-sounding number. You also want at least the same amount of lean muscle weight at 180lbs. that you started with at 200lbs.


The process we have at Max Muscle Carefree accomplishes this type of healthy weight loss. It also produces the greatest possible health benefits while taking the least amount of time to accomplish. It also results in individuals looking healthier with more tone and definition than other types of diets.


Advanced Diagnostic Muscle Technology


At Max Muscle we have the technology to determine your lean muscle weight, your fat weight, and excess body fat weight. Once we determined those numbers we produced a plan detailing the proper amount of macronutrients you need to burn excess fat and retain or increase your lean muscle mass. Our system at Max Muscle makes it easy for you to consume and track your daily macronutrients. Our process takes about 30 minutes to complete includes a report, as well as a free 2-week follow-up report to track your progress. We charge $225 including 2 Max Muscle items we feel will work the best for your situation. The charge is the same with or without supplements.


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