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Quality Ingredients & Manufacturing


Quality Max Muscle Supplements

Cross-Flow Cold Processed Protein at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition:
All Max Muscle protein powder is cross-flow cold processed with advanced microfiltration. This process is more expensive but far worth it. The protein powder at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition resulting from this process is highly digestible insuring a large percentage is converted into nitrogen. This process also protects the leucine the protein powder contains. Leucine is required to open the cells of your muscles before the nitrogen can enter and nourish the cells. Other protein manufacturing processes create hard to digest protein resulting in less nitrogen and also damages leucine's ability to open the cells of your muscles. The result is less fuel for your muscle's to grow, or properly benefit from your workout and nutrition planning. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition protein products provide for maximum digestion insuring maximum nitrogen conversion and leading to maximum cell and muscle growth. 
Supplements at Max Sports Nutrition work:

Many supplements contain inexpensive ingredients with insufficient potency to produce results.  Often the amount of the individual ingredients in each serving from a supplement are too low to produce meaningful results. The ingredients used in supplements at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition are from extracts or have received patents from the U.S. government. These are the most potent ingredients available for use in supplements. Also each serving from a Max Muscle supplement has been engineered to contain proper levels of ingredients insuring quality results. 

More quality products at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition:
CLA - Max Muscle CLA contains dual polymer oil. CLA is a natural fat burner and anti-carcinogen. Both polymers are required for this. Single polymer CLA products help with only one of the two and abound in the marketplace. 

Collagen at Max Sport Nutrition - Max Muscle has liquid and powdered collagen versions. Both contain Type I and Type III collagen peptides. Type I and Type III are required to fully benefit your immune system, improve the connectivity of your tissues as well as supporting the soft lining in your joints. It's leucine content is also high insuring maximum absorption.

Diet and Energy Products at Max Sports Nutrition - Max Muscle fat loss and energy supplements contain safe ingredients. Unless you are sensitive to stimulants in general you have issues taking with stimulants Max Muscle's diet and energy products provide clean energy.  

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