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Advanced Certification from the ISSN & Nutritional Planning & IN Body Testing at Max Muscle!

We underwent an advanced certification process with the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2013 so we could provide honest unbiased advice regarding supplements and nutrition based on the latest science. We were required to complete coursework and testing designed to establish our competency in 13 different areas. These included post work out nutrition, eating to improve body composition, nutritional needs of strength and power athletes, sports supplements, thermodynamics, biochemistry and other related fields. The coursework was post graduate in nature. Certification provided us the skills required to translate the data we collect from the In Body Composition testing here and develop legitimate nutritional programs and appropriate supplement recommendations for individuals based on hard data. Athletes that have worked with us have increased their size and strength and overall performance levels on and off the field. Non athletes have improved their overall health and fitness levels as well. Science has demonstrated that athletes and non athletes following our methodology will reach their goals much faster and maintain their results long term. For non athletes our approach generates far greater improvements in blood pressure readings, HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, and other key health markers. Most diets fail because they they lack a proper scientific foundation. That foundation begins with working with individuals that have real credentials. 1.Most diets fail to teach individuals the skills they need for long term success. 2.Most diets fail because muscle mass is lost insuring weight loss is only temporary Please share or post this with any athlete or coach you know or non athlete looking to improve their health or fitness levels.

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