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Upcoming 19th annual ISSN Conference

I will be attending the 19th Annual ISSN Conference next week in Ft. Lauderdale. Chris and I were credentialed in 2013 and this is my 4th conference. Attending in person or completing webinars every other year is mandatory. Chris has attended or completed webinars to meet her requirement as well. Please review the subjects and the speakers that will be addressed during this conference. Most of the speakers have the CISSN credential Chris and I have. The knowledge Chris and I have obtained from our association with the ISSN has been a critical component behind the subjects I have addressed in various e-mails and blogs. It guides us as we provide programs and supplements to our customers resulting better health and fitness outcomes. Dr. Phil Harvey CISSN is a fellow at the ISSN and was in charge of developing many of the Max Muscle products Chris and I recommend on a daily basis.

I just wanted to give everyone an idea of the comprehensiveness that entails our membership with the ISSN.

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